Jan 01

Bounty – A Love Story

A New Year and a NEW ARRIVAL.
The origins of Bounty remain a mystery. Why it takes place in 1953, I haven’t a clue. I also don’t know where the idea of a girl posing as a woman originated. But I have to say, I enjoyed finding out.

Along with Tom and Netty’s story, Bounty is about language. How we share a similar dialect yet express it in unique ways. When you think about it, any difference in how we speak are preordained by economic class and personal geography as a child.  Sort of like a universal crap shoot.

It makes me think we humans probably shouldn’t put so much stock in our differences.
Or at least that’s what Netty told me, and I believe her.

Oct 27

Lady Guadalupe and the Snow-Kone Hut

ebook_1600x2560.inddWhen my old critique group attempted to write a collaborative book, Jolene Gibson was born. The collaborative attempt was a dismal failure, but Jolene’s story wouldn’t get left behind. For months she knocked on some mental door until I answered, and now she’s arrived.
From a collaborative effort to a singular one is a journey. The process challenging, discouraging, and at times uplifting, but in the end, everything about this book, from the cover design to every word printed, is my own.
Jolene is a remarkable woman, a sensitive soul misunderstood by most, and I hope you enjoy getting to know her as much as I did.