Bounty – A Love Story

It’s 1953 and newlyweds Tom and Netty think they are going on a honeymoon trip back to his home in Lexington, Virginia. The problem is neither of them knows who the other is.  Getting married two weeks after meeting may not be an auspicious beginning, and, in the three months since they hadn’t learned much more than the basics.

Tom’s bride hides many secrets. He thinks she’s eighteen. She’s not. What she is, is an innocent, an artist, and an orphan, trying to survive under tough circumstances. Netty doesn’t know his secrets, either, and won’t until he discovers them for himself.

The story of becoming committed to a marriage (or not) after the nuptials, is a common one, and to some extent, one every marriage goes through. On their trip home, Netty and Tom have to traverse more than the usual distances between two people,  and they do it with humor, anger, fear, and love.

Lady Guadalupe and the Snow-Kone Hut

Jolene Gibson is a unique woman, having lived on the Bacon River her entire life running Gibson’s Bait and Tackle. A reader of tarot, like her Granny, she enjoys keeping tabs on the townsfolk of her small community near the Virginia/North Carolina border.

Her long-time, but secret boyfriend, banker Lyman Pettigrew, doesn’t believe in her “witchy” activities but asks for a reading anyway. He wants to know how a mysterious plan of his will work out.

Neither Lyman or Jolene have any inkling of the changes soon to sweep through their town. Changes impacting them and everyone they know. Welcome to Magnolia, Virginia, a sleepy village about to wake up.