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Oct 27

Lady Guadalupe and the Snow-Kone Hut

When my old critique group attempted to write a collaborative book, Jolene Gibson was born. The collaborative attempt was a dismal failure, but Jolene’s story wouldn’t get left behind. For months she knocked on some mental door until I answered, and now she’s arrived. From a collaborative effort to a singular one is a journey. The process challenging, discouraging, …

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Oct 31

Halloween is Here!

This is my favorite holiday of them all. I love Halloween and everything associated with it – costumes, candy, and kids being outlaws. Caroline, the protagonist in my short story, Grandma’s Way, in this new book   doesn’t love anything, or anyone. Her future looks bleak, with only the possibility of going to a Halloween Dance …

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Dec 02

I Love, Love, Love, Love on a Half Shell

I love, love, love, Love on a half shell. I mean, I love my book as much as I love my grandchildren, and that’s a lot! When I began writing it, I was roughly ten years older than Rae. Initially the book was pretty horrible, but over the twenty years since, the book and I …

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