In Magnolia, Virginia, out there on the Bacon River, an honest-to-God miracle was about to happen at Gibson’s Bait & Tackle. You know the place, been there forever. Jolene Gibson runs it now. They say she’s a wild one, and peculiar like her granny was, what with reading the Tarot and working charms.

But that crazy banker, Lyman Pettigrew, doesn’t let her oddness keep him away. And, the dunce believes nobody knows he visits late, after the Bait & Tackle is closed. As if anyone could keep a secret in a small town.

Jolene didn’t have the time to worry about what people thought about her. She had her hands full running things by herself, what with her daddy, granny, and a passel of relatives all gone. And even though she was finally making some money, something in her world was disturbed, and she was finding the disturbance hard to get shut off.

Miracles have a strong tendency to shake things up, and when a person faces their own self, it’s never an easy road. For Jolene, Lyman, and the town of Magnolia, things are never going to be the same.